While India maintains a population of nearly 1.3 BILLION people, only 2.3% of the country claims to be Christian. As is with many nations throughout Asia and the Middle East, claiming to be a Christian can cost you your life. 

The Indian church is growing with the help of pastors who are unwilling to hide their faith and go town to town sharing the Gospel and introducing people to the ONE TRUE GOD.


We were met with some of this persecution when our fundraising site came under attack prior to a trip to this beautiful country. Though we know that there is always a risk, we found that the people in India were worth every bit of that risk. 


Many of the pastors, like those on the motor bike below, drive through the mountains and share the Gospel among villages that only met the modern world 25 years ago. The tribes will then create their own worship music in their languages and the church grows! In some cases, 90% of the towns are coming to call Jesus Christ their savior! 


It is absolutely amazing to see how God is impacted the people of India, and we look forward to sharing more testimonies with you down the road!


*Statistics from CIA World Fact Book