Why Are Colorado Peaches the BEST PEACHES EVER!?


Our Colorado Peaches are grown on the Western Slope of the Colorado Rockies. This allows for the fruit to bask in the warm sun all day and enjoy incredibly cool evenings. This change from hot to cool allows the sugars to be energized during the day and slow the growth at night, allowing for the perfect balance of juiciness and sweetness. 

You truly can not get a better tasting peach anywhere else because only nature can make them this way!

How do I place an order?


To place your order online, click on the "Buy Now" tab on the home page and this will take you to our NEW online store. This new store is through Square, a company that is highly respected for security and safety when it comes to online sales.

You can also download our order form or request one by calling (608) 481-1300 or emailing forthrightministries@gmail.com 

How many peaches come in a lug?

Each full lug contains 18-20 lbs or 30-40 peaches (depending on size).
Each half lug contains 9-10 lbs or 15-20 peaches (depending on size).

Peaches will be available for pick-up at Rock County Christian School - 5122 S. Driftwood Dr. - Janesville, WI

Why do I have to go to a different site to purchase?


We have changed our online store to a separate site for a few reasons. The new site will offer a very secure online shopping experience and is also integrated with our sales the day of the purchase. This helps us keep better track of new customers so that they are guaranteed to get the information next year. 

Returns & Refunds

There are no refunds for fruit that is not picked up. Because this is a perishable product, we have to pay for it either way and if it is not picked up, we end up with bad fruit. If for any reason you can not pick up your fruit the day of the sale, it is your responsibility to find someone who can pick it up for you. Please have them give us your name when they pick it up and have them store your lug in a fridge until you return/are able to pick it up.  


Your peaches should be kept refrigerated until you are ready to eat/cook them. On average, the peaches will hold 1-2 weeks in a fridge. Some people do freeze them whole right away and then cook them later. Do not leave your peaches in the car for any period of time.

For the BEST Peach flavor, remove your peaches from the fridge about 20 minutes before eating them.