Forthright Ministries is first focused on sharing the Gospel all over the world. We do this through multiple ways that include preaching, taking part in outreach programs, and helping ministries succeed. 


Doug Shaw began preaching the Gospel at the age of 18 and has continued to speak at churches, small group meetings, youth groups, and more throughout the United States, South Africa and more.

He has served as a pastor, church planter, missionary, youth pastor, director of a non-denominational organization, and much more. Doug currently serves on his church leadership team and 


Our international mission work has included ministry work in Costa Rica, South Africa, and soon will include India.  


"Over the years, I have worked with churches in various capacities that included youth ministry, missions, pastor, church-planter, pulpit filler, worship team member, and much more.


My heart’s desire is to see Christians understand that, through God, we can impact our communities for Christ and change people’s lives. I believe that churches need two things to succeed. The first is prayer, and the second is love. Through those two characteristics, a church can reach any calling that God puts on them."

-Doug Shaw

If you are in need of a guest speaker for a ministry conference, a special service, or to fill a pulpit, please contact us today!


Graphic Design Projects


For a long time, churches have relied on clipart to create graphic design projects. At Forthright Ministries, we offer you the ability to have professional quality  posters, business cards, and more at a price that will fit your budget. 

What we offer:


Leadership Training


One of my greatest passions is to help your ministry succeed. So often we use people that can do a portion of the role that they are called to, but we don't train them after that. 

Most churches struggle to have funds for leadership training and that is where Forthright comes in. 

No matter how many people are on your leadership team or what their previous training may have been, I have a program that will fit your team. 

One of my favorite trainings is a personality survey that helps your team understand each other. 

Digital Marketing


One area that many ministries struggle with is the area of digital marketing. This includes social media, web design, digital newsletters and more. 

Years ago, it was standard practice to use the Yellow Book to reach your community, but now most people don't remember how to use a phone book. 

If your ministry does not have a web presence, you are pretty much invisible to the world even if you are on a main street. 

Forthright Ministries is able to help your ministry reach the world by creating a website for your ministry that will fit your budget and reach your target market. 

Contact us today to learn more.