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Ministry Support

If you are a church or ministry that would like to support our ministry, you can do so in a few different ways:

  1. Help us Expand Our Reach: We have created a visually engaging image specifically designed for projection during your Sunday morning services (Image Below). This image includes all the necessary details for individuals to subscribe to our channels or learn more about our ministry. You can access this image at (YouTube and Rumble: @Forthrightfilms).

  2. Opportunity to Share During a Service: I would be honored to personally share during one of your services about the incredible work God is doing among Native American communities. Through a compelling presentation featuring videos and stories, I aim to illustrate how God is moving and opening doors for His message of hope. This firsthand account will resonate deeply with your congregation.

  3. Support Our Ministry Financially: Our ministry encounters many financial expenses related to technology and travel. We appreciate any financial support and pray that God would bless this work. ​​

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