Invest in stories of hope today! 

Every Hollywood film is backed by investors that dump thousands or millions of dollars into a project with the hopes of some huge return. 


We are different. We need people like you to invest in our films and know that there is no financial return, but there is a return that is beyond value. 

These films are changing lives and winning souls. 

When you invest in our films, you are investing in the lives of people around the world who need to hear these Stories of Hope. 


Thank you for investing in Forthright Films!


May God Bless You!




Doug Shaw


Director of Forthright Ministries International 

Donations can be mailed to:

Forthright Films

7071 S. State Rd. 213

Beloit, WI 53511

Girl At Church Service in India
Praying for a young lady in Iowa
Building a church in Costa Rica
Youth Service in India
Dr. Johann Schonken in India
Young men in South Africa
Young men in India
Praying for a lady in South Africa
Preparing fish in India
Youth service in India
Serving a meal in South Africa
Students in South Africa

Who Is Investing?

We have many individuals who have given to our ministry, but we are also thankful for the support from the following churches:

Chief Cornerstone Church -
Bemidji MN

Harvesters Church - Afton, WI

La Hermosa - South Beloit, IL

Song of Joy Church - Janesville, WI