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Our Review of Harry's Razors

Why is a ministry reviewing razors? Well, as a missionary and as a public speaker/preacher having a good shave is very important. I have been dedicated to Gillette for many years, but the cost of these razors has gotten out of control. Not only that, but I am always concerned that I am going to lose my razor and blades while on the road and that is a stress that I do not need.

Over the years, I have tried other brands but they never held up. I decided to give Harry's a try and was pleasantly surprised by how great they actually are!

The blades hold up very well and give a very close shave. I was a little surprised that the handle was heavy and felt like quality, but the blades come off a bit easier than expected.

All together, these blades are great and the cost is so much better than the leading companies. You can learn more at our full video review at the link below

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